The Economic World – A Research Journal of Economics & Business

(Bi-Annual Referred Research Journal)

The Post-Graduate Department of Economics, DAV College Jalandhar has the enviable distinction of being the only Department located in this part of the Northern India, publishing its own Bi-annual Referred Research JournalThe Economic World-A Research Journal of Economics and Business.

It was founded by Dr. Suresh Kumar Khurana in 2014.

Currently, it is being edited by Dr. S K Khurana, the founder editor and the head of the department, with the able assistance of other members of the department. This referred research journal is now recognized as one of the leading journals in India and has been assigned ISSN 2393-8145.

Till date, Department had released seven issues of the Journal and eight issue is in progress. It is published bi-annually in the month of June and December.

There will be NO PROCESSING FEES of the research paper in the journal but the paper will be selected purely on the merit basis.